Finn’s Lute

In Brief

  1. Talk to Inge Six Fingers
  2. Locate Finn’s Lute in Stony Creek Cave
  3. Return for your reward


Right after the Burning of King Olaf ends the quest Tending the Flames, talking to the otherwise strict Inge Six Fingers will reveal that she is sad. When asked, she will reveal the reason. A year ago, a bunch of thieves broke into the College and stole her most precious item, the very first 8-course Lute ever created, namely Finn’s Lute. As the Dean of Lute, Inge has been devastated ever since, but recently learned the location of the thieves, specifically Stony Creek Cave, a cave in southeastern Eastmarch.

A small pond hides the entrance to the cave, complete with a dock and a boat. Upon entering, the sight of a waterfall and a dead Breton hanging from a tree trunk hints at things to come. Follow the only available path upstream and fight the expected Bandits trying to protect their treasure. When the path splits in two head right and beware of the swing mace trap right before the chamber with the Bandit Leader. Pick the fight and search the body for Treasure Map X, then look around the the area for interesting items, including the Illusion skill book Mystery of Talara, Part 4, an Unusual Gem, along with a few ingredients and an Arcane Enchanter. Finally, open the chest and claim the Lute and some valuable loot.

Before exiting the cave, it is possible to investigate the rest of the cave which will net you another fight against a Bandit, along with a locked treasure chest and a waterfall hiding a shortcut from Kagrenzel. Exit the mine the way you came and return to the Bards College. Back at the College, Inge Six Fingers will be overwhelmed with joy; as she is unable to pay what the Lute is worth, she will instead teach you a few tricks she has picked up over the years, and raise all your Stealth skills by one point.