Fallowstone Cave

skyrim fallowstone caveFallowstone Cave is a spacious open cave leading to the Giant’s Grove. It is located northeast of Riften along the eastern border of The Rift. Trolls and Cave Bears typically inhabit it in large numbers. When you first enter the cave a large stream will be running towards a very long waterfall. Beyond the stream is an open area with a mammoth skeleton and a few creatures. A series of small ledges lead safely down.

At the bottom of the waterfall, the stream leads past a raised segment of land with a tree growing through it. This area can be potentially dangerous as the creatures at the bottom will often link with the creatures in surrounding rooms creating a deadly mass of bears or trolls. The stream will lead into a small partially flooded cave before running underneath the cave wall. At that dead-end is a small path up to a feeding chamber with large amounts of bone and viscera present. The exit to the Giant’s Grove is out of that room and a path in the back of the room leads up to a ledge overlooking the cavern entrance and an augmented loot chest.