Erik the Slayer

Erik is a Nord inhabitant of Rorikstead. He is the son of Mralki, innkeeper of the town’s only inn, Frostfruit Inn. Erik yearns to go outside the town and taste adventure, but Mralki is a caring but a bit overcaring father who won’t let his son do anything even remotely dangerous, so Erik asks the player to convince his father to change his mind. If the Dragonborn succesfully persuades Mralki and returns some time afterwards, Erik is available for hire as a mercenary, his name now changed to Erik the Slayer.

After completing his quest it is possible to hire Erik the Slayer for 500 gold. Eric is a melee/bow class that favors 2-handed weapons and light armor (he has semi-decent block). He has a cheerful disposition and comments about how little regret he has about becoming an adventurer. Like all other followers, it is possible to use this character as a pack mule for extra goods. It may also be possible to unlock the option of marrying Erik the Slayer. The player must have the Amulet of Mara equipped and have hired this character.