skyrim dragonsreach

Dragonsreach is the palace of Jarl Balgruuf the Greater and the seat of power in Whiterun.

The palace is located in the Cloud District of Whiterun at the highest point in the city. The main entrance is at the top of several flights of stairs surrounded by a number of small pools. Oddly, the pool directly beneath the entrance contains Salmon and the skeleton of a drowned person. The main hall (simply called “Dragonsreach”), holds the throne and dual dining tables where the Jarl and most of the castle inhabitants can be found during the day. Off to the left of the main hall is the kitchen, larder, and a servant’s entrance to the Jarl’s Quarters. To the right can be found the office and quarters of the court wizard. Behind the throne and up a flight of steps is a war room, the entrances to two balconies overlooking the main hall, and the main entrance to the Jarl’s Quarters. From the war room you can enter Dragonsreach, Great Porch, a large vaulted chamber containing an ancient trap supposedly used by Olaf One-Eye to trap a dragon, though now it serves as a dining area and practice yard. Arrows can at times be taken from the archery target here. In Dragonsreach, Jarl’s Quarters are the Jarl’s bedroom and the Steward’s room, along with a number of locked display cases holding weapons and armor. Through the Steward’s rooms can be found a suite of rooms where the servants sleep.

Dragonsreach Dungeon can be found down a flight of stairs left of the throne. From here you can exit back out to Whiterun. The dungeon also contains tunnels beneath the cells that eventually enter the Guard Barracks. The way into the tunnels is via a grate in the cell containing the dead prisoner. It is first on the right if entering from the throne room and is the cell you are placed in if the player is sent to jail.

People in Dragonsreach

  • Jarl Balgruuf the Greater
  • Proventus Avenicci
  • Farengar Secret-Fire
  • Irileth
  • Nelkir
  • Dagny
  • Hrongar
  • Lydia
  • Fianna
  • Gerda