In Brief

  1. Meet with the heroes of Sovngarde
  2. Coordinate your shout with theirs to clear Alduin’s mist
  3. Defeat the World-Eater in combat


Leave the Hall of Valor and cross the Whalebone Bridge to the edge of the Shadowed Vale, where your Nordic brethren are gathered. They are eager to slay Alduin just as much as you are. When the three heroes have assembled you will take your place by their side. Once you have done so you must use your “Clear Skies” Shout to blow away the mist. You must do this three times because Alduin covers the field in mist the first two times you clear it away. After your third shout, the mist fully dissipates. Alduin becomes enraged and flies towards you for the final battle.

This is when you begin your last fight with Alduin. Alduin begins to launch a barrage of fire attacks at you, the Nords, and any of the last souls that have been freed from their permanent fog. Alduin’s rain of fire ability hits a large AoE so have wards, healing spells and/or potions ready.

To defeat Alduin, you must once again strike him with Dragonrend to force him to land. Until you do, he is invincible and will take no damage. While on the ground it is relatively easy to kill him due to the fact that the three Nord heroes will help in the battle. Alduin is basically the same as every other dragon the Dragonborn has thus encountered, melee from the sides to avoid the potent tail attack, have a shield handy if you’re planning to go head to head. DPS, Dragonrend, more dots, move away from melee to heal; Rinse and Repeat to finish the fight.

After you strike the killing blow, Alduin writhes in agony and his soul begins to vanish. Alduin thrashes on the ground as his soul leaves his corporeal form. As his essence drains away, a black tar like skeleton is revealed underneath. His form continues to corrode, fading into wisps and with a final, thunderous spasm, Alduin is torn apart; not even his skeleton remains in this afterlife.

Tsun is the first to congratulate you on your mighty deed. Before leaving Sovengarde, Tsun teaches you a shout that allows you to summon a fallen hero to fight by your side. When you are ready to leave, talk to Tsun and he will shout you back to your mortal world.

You will be returned to the Throat of the World. Several dragons are perched there, all acknowledging the Dovahkiin and the destruction of Alduin World-Eater, and one by one they depart. If you did not already kill Paarthurnax, he will have a final conversation with you. Afterwards, if you are still on the mountaintop, Odahviing will come to admit his allegiance to you so that you may freely use his Thu’um to call him.

This marks the end of Skyrim’s main storyline. Don’t despair… you can still continue on your other adventures.