Dragon Shouts

Dragon Shouts (a.k.a. The Voice or Thu’um) are phrases of Dragon Language that can be used to unleash powerful effects. Dragons are naturally able to use Dragon Shouts, but very few people are able to use them. Your character, as the Dovahkiin, is one of those people. You can learn a total of 20 dragon shouts, each of which can contain up to three words of power.

To learn a dragon shout, several steps must be completed:

  1. A Word Wall must be discovered.
  2. A Word of Power must be read on the Word Wall. Words of power are individual runes on the Word Wall that will be highlighted.
  3. You must kill a Dragon and absorb its soul.
  4. You can now use the dragon soul to unlock the word of power and its associated dragon shout.

During the course of the main story, the Dovahkiin also learns several shouts from certain characters. The souls for these shouts also come from the character that gives them. Initially, you will unlock the weakest version of the dragon shout. To unlock the most powerful version of that shout, you must learn the other two words of power that make up the shout and absorb two more dragon souls to unlock all three words.