Did Bethesda Knowingly Release a Broken Game?

skyrim brokenIGN.com published an article yesterday in which they addressed the issues that Playstation 3 users continue to have with Skyrim. Here’s a portion…

In the weeks since the PlayStation 3 version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was released, it has become clear that something is badly wrong. Now the game’s publisher Bethesda faces some tough questions, which it must face without delay, and with absolute clarity and frankness. Serious accusations from frustrated fans are growing in volume; that the company knew there was a problem before it released the game.

Trust in the Bethesda brand, one of the most beloved in the business, has been damaged by the company’s release of a sub-par product. Doubts must now be raised as to Skyrim’s status as the game most likely to scoop all those lucrative ‘Game of the Year’ awards. This erosion in trust can only be rectified by a full disclosure on what has happened, how it happened, and what plans the company has in place to correct the situation.

Read the full article here. In the meantime, though, what issues have you encountered?

December 6th, 2011