Destruction Ritual Spell

In Brief

  1. Talk to Faralda, the master destruction trainer in the College of Winterhold. She will give you a book.
  2. Visit Windward Ruins, activate the pedestal and cast a fire spell on it. Recover the book.
  3. Visit North Skybound Watch, same as before, but casting a frost spell.
  4. Visit Four Skull Lookout, same as before, but casting a shock spell.
  5. Learn the spell contained within the book.


Once your Destruction skill reaches 100, a new conversation option (“What else is there to be learned about Destruction magic?”) opens up with Faralda, the Destruction trainer at the College of Winterhold. Selecting this option will result in Faralda giving you a book, Power of the Elements. The incomplete book contains only a clue in the form of a poem:

Northward, haunted northern coastline

And south, Dwemer live and toil,

A simple place, a shield from draft.

At this stand wield mage’s craft

So fierce the sea will boil.

This clue points to Windward Ruins, a small barrow just outside Dawnstar. Inside the barrow is a pedestal upon which you can place the book. Once you have done so, cast Flames at the book. A small explosion will occur. Pick up the book again, and you will notice it has acquired a new page:

Under Greybeards’ morning shadow

At this northern watch, long lost

Nirn’s hoary Throat does scrape the sky.

Here unleash a chilling cry And gild this stand with frost.

The second pedestal is found at North Skybound Watch, another barrow on the Southern slopes of the Throat of the World, not far north-east of the starting town of Helgen, Just west of the point the Ice troll attack during the ascend (you should be able to see it on radar from there). The pedestal is on a stone lookout post. This time, cast Frostbite at the book to receive the next clue:

Over western river waters,

By Karth bounded, south and north

On mountains sits a humble crown.

Sky’s wrath on this stand bring forth

To shake these snowcaps down.

This final clue points to Four Skull Lookout, another small barrow on a plateau between Karthwasten and Karthspire in The Reach. The pedestal is on the other side of the stone building. Casting Sparkscompletes the book.

Pick up the book and read it to complete the quest.


  • Reading the completed book grants you the Fire Storm spell.
  • Once you have completed this quest, Faralda will sell spell tomes for the other two master level Destruction spells (Lightning Storm and Blizzard).