Delayed Burial

skyrim delayed burialIn Brief

  1. Speak to Cicero on the road leading to Loreius Farm.
  2. Speak to Vantus Loreius at the Loreius Farm.
  3. Make your decision:
  • Presuade Vantus Loreius to fix the wheel.
  • Turn in Cicero to the wandering guard.


As you walk down the road near Loreius Farm you will encounter a jester named Cicero. He claims to be from Cyrodiil and moving to this region. His wagon broke down though and contains the remains of his mother. There is a nearby farm, but Vantus Loreius refuses to help him fix his wheel. He asks that you convince Vantus to help him so he can move on.

Speaking to Vantus will reveal that he was unwilling to help for two reasons. The first is Cicero’s odd behavior, but more importantly he believes that he is up to something illegal. He believes the box likely contains Skooma or other illegal cargo and doesn’t want to chance aiding him. Vantus asks that you convince a patrolling guardsman to arrest Cicero.

To help Cicero you can persuade Vantus to do the right thing. It is an easy speech check. Vantus will reconsider and promise to help Cicero on his way. After notifying Cicero, he thanks you and gives you gold.

To turn in Cicero you need to find the guard that patrols the roadway near the farm. He patrols very close to the wagon and is frequently within sight of the wagon. The guard will place Cicero under arrest. He promises to make Vantus pay. After notifying Vantus, he thanks you for bringing him peace and gives you gold.

Cicero is an assassin and the Keeper of the Dark Brotherhood. The coffin he is transporting contains the remains of the Night Mother. Choosing to help Cicero will lead to improved relations if you choose to join the guild. If you turn in Cicero, you can later return to the farm and discover that Vantus Loreius has been murdered. Regardless of your choice, Cicero will be found amongst the guild.