skyrim darkshadeDarkshade is a small cave that is home to trolls and littered with human remains. It appears to have been either a bandit lair or a mining cave before being attacked by the trolls who now inhabit the cave. The cave and its surrounding are have a few Gold Ore veins. Located just off of the base of the White River waterfall east of Valtheim Towers, Darkshade is easily spotted due to the collapsed platform outside of it. Bodies can be found laying at the entrance.

The interior of Darkshade is well-lit, with three large subsections and one small sub-room. There is a knapsack in the first room with some gold, a necklace and food. Bones and corpses litter the interior of the cave. Trolls are located throughout each of the three main sections, but are spread out enough to be handled individually. There are two potions off of the large second section. A small troll den overlooks the eastern side of the room and a small path leads to the third section on the western side. The last room leads to a ledge which drops you back into the first room for a quick exit.