Contract: Kill Safia

In Brief

  1. Travel to the Solitude harbor.
  2. Get onto Safia’s Ship, the Red Wave.
  3. Kill Safia.
  4. Report back to Nazir and claim your reward.


Fast-travel to the East Empire Company Warehouse (or Solitude if you haven’t been there) and then board the ship the Red Wave. Even though boarding the ship is considered trespassing, the “guards” (crew members) will not actually confront you if they see you. All they will do is say “you’re not supposed to be here” and then leave you alone. Safia can be found in the middle deck of the ship, walking around switching chairs every few minutes or eating. If you talk to her and say “I represent the Dark…”, she’ll cut you off and initiate combat, which allows you to kill her innocently, since you’re technically killing in self-defense. Her crew will not defend her so long as she initiates combat, and you will not receive a bounty.

Note that two of Safia’s crew members are considered essential and thus cannot be killed and will continue fighting a little after you “defeat” them, which also gives you bounty. Therefore, it is best to avoid any combat with the crew.