Contract: Kill Ma’randru-jo

In Brief

  1. Located Ma’randru-jo on the map.
  2. Travel to that location.
  3. Check map again.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until he is found.
  5. Talk to him if you wish.
  6. Kill him.
  7. Return to Nazir at the sanctuary to complete quest and receive a gold reward.


When Ma’randru-jo is not wandering the roads of Tamriel, he can be found in one of the merchant camps. Because he does not stay stationary, he can be hard to find. However, the map indicates his position. To find him simply travel to his known location, check the map, then travel to his new location. Continue this until he is found. If one is playing as a Khajiit, an unique dialog option will be available. The player will be able to insult him which will provoke him to attack. The player can then kill him without the fear of being arrested by the town guard. To complete the quest return to the sanctuary and speak with Nazir to complete the quest and receive a gold reward.