Caught Red Handed

In Brief

  • Talk to Svana Far-Shield
  • Obtain a Mark from Bolli
  • Obtain a Mark from Hofgrir Horse-Crusher
  • Obtain a Mark from Indaryn
  • Confront Haelga
  • Talk to Svana


  • Ask Svana about her relationship with Haelga and she will disclose her frustration; She would like you to gather 3 Marks of Dibella from recent lovers of Haelga, as a proof of her excessive lifestyle.
  • Talk to Bolli about his relationship with Haelga; he will deny any wrong-doing. However, you can use your Speechcraft to gain his confession (and Mark of Dibella).
  • Similarly, use your Speechcraft skills when talking to Hofgrir Horse-Crusher to hear his side of the story and obtain his Mark.