Bullying Braith

In Brief

  1. Talk to Lars Battle-Born and agree to help him.
  2. Talk to Braith and get her to stop bullying Lars.


Talk to Lars Battle-Born in Whiterun and he’ll complain about being bullied by Braith. Tell him you’ll help him and he’ll pay you his whole life savings – two Septims!

Approach Braith and tell her to stop bullying Lars. In order to persuade her, you can tell her:

  • you are Lars’ bodyguard
  • Lars has a disease
  • you will send her to an orphanage.

As harsh as the last choice may seem, all three options lead to the same response. It turns out Braith has liked Lars for quite some time now, and only wanted a kiss. Then she wouldn’t have had to bully him.

After the quest conclusion, you’ll notice that Braith no longer bullies Lars, and in fact keeps her distance from him. Lars will thank you for your help, and Braith will tell you that she has stopped bullying him.