Brelyna’s Practice

In Brief

  1. Talk to Brelyna and get the quest
  2. Let her cast the spell
  3. Wait a few in-game hours to let the effect wear off
  4. Let her try again
  5. Wait for her to finish and get the reward


This miniquest is very simple. It is available after “Under Saarthal”. When you find Brelyna back at the College (Likely in the Halls of Attainment), she’ll request your help. Accept, and she’ll cast a failed spell that will put a green film over your vision.

It fades after a few in-game hours, then you’ll be able to give her a second chance. She’ll fail again, several times, turning you into various forms of wildlife including a horse, cow, and a dog. She turns you back and thanks you for giving her a “starting point” for her experiments. The only reward for this quest is that she is now your friend and can be asked to follow or marry you.