Bound Until Death

In Brief

  1. Attend the wedding at the Temple of the Divines in Solitude.
  2. Assassinate Vittoria Vici. Kill her during her speech for a bonus.
  3. Return to Astrid.


Travel to the courtyard of the Temple of the Divines in Solitude, where a small wedding reception is formed. There are several methods of killing Vittoria.

If you take the door to the north-west of the temple entrance, you will end up on ledge just above. On the ledge are six arrows, an Elixir of True Shot and a unique magical bow, Firiniel’s End. You can simply shoot the bride dead from this spot instantly. She is easily killed with a single sneak attack from the magic bow you are given.

Alternatively, for the bonus reward, you can wait for Vittoria to begin speaking. She will stand from the seats with her husband, Asgeir Snow-Shod, and enter a door in the portcullis to reach the balcony, where she will begin speaking to the audience. Assassinate her while she speaks to earn the bonus reward.

One way to kill her is to get to the wall above the balcony, and push a loose Gargoyle statue when Vittoria makes her address. Using an invisibility potion/power just after activating the statue can allow you to avoid the bounty.

Once Vittoria is killed, pandemonium will break loose. Veezara will appear; sent by Astrid to offer a distraction while you escape. Even if you weren’t detected and got away with the assassination unfound, Veezara will still charge in and initiate combat with everyone, drawing attention away from you so you can simply walk out. Sometimes, the guests will still give chase regardless, in which case you can escape the city quickly by using a stairwell under the Castle Dour tower bridge, just near the market.

Another way to deal with this contract is to grab Firiniel’s End and get on the battlements north to the Gargoyle statue. Peek around the corner and place an arrow between Vittoria’s eyes while she addresses the people. Hide for a second to cool things off, then sneak out of Solitude using the high walls to cover yourself from the sight of the Penitus Oculatus Agent. Ignore Veezara, prevent him from uttering his phrase to you otherwise the cityguard turns hostile (flee from his sight). No bounty, full payment.

A subtle yet highly amusing way to do this contract that guarantees the bonus and no bounty, is to pickpocket (you will need the poisoned perk) a frenzy poison (any level should do) into Vittoria’s husband’s inventory as Vittoria addresses the crowd. He will immediately turn and kill her.

Make sure to loot Vittoria’s corpse, as she is wearing a large amount of jewelry which can be sold for a large profit. She also carries the unique items Wedding Dress, Wedding Sandals, Wedding Wreath and Vittoria’s Wedding Band. Asgeir carries the counterpart Asgeir’s Wedding Band.

Return to Astrid to inform her the assassination is complete. You will be rewarded with a power, Summon Spectral Assassin, which will summon Lucien Lachance, the now deceased Speaker of the Cyrodiil chapter of the Dark Brotherhood, to fight for you. In addition, if Vittoria was murdered while speaking to the audience, you will receive a leveled amount of gold as a bonus.

One way of avoiding a bounty, is to fast travel to the sanctuary to collect your reward as soon as Vittoria is killed and before the guests turn hostile. You can then return to the place of Vittoria’s death and loot the items off her body before it disappears.