Blood on the Ice

In Brief

  1. (Optional) Purchase Hjerim and enter the house.
  2. Go to the murder scene in Windhelm’s graveyard.
  3. Question all witnesses and talk to the guard.
  4. Talk to Jorleif in the castle.
  5. Report back to the guard in the graveyard and talk to Helgird in Windhelm’s Hall of the Dead.
  6. Follow the trail of blood.
  7. Obtain the key to Hjerim, and search the house for clues.
  8. Acquire Beware the Butcher! and set (#1 and #2) of Butcher Journal from Hjerim.
  9. Talk to Viola Giordano and learn about Wuunferth. (Requires Beware the Butcher!)
  10. See Calixto Corrium, and sell the Strange Amulet. (Requires Strange Amulet)
  11. (Optional) Report Wuunferth as possible suspect to Jorlief. (at this point, the quest will end until another murder occurs)
  12. Confront Wuunferth the Unliving – Describe Strange Amulet.
  13. Patrol the Stone Quarter at night and catch the murderer.
  14. Report back to Jorleif.


There are two ways for this quest to begin.

The first trigger occurs after some time in Windhelm. There will be a murder scene at the cemetery outside the Hall of the Dead. Talk to the guard and offer your help. She will ask you to speak to Jorleif to get permission to assist with the case. Alternatively, purchase Hjerim from Jorleif during the Stormcloak Rebellion quest.

After speaking to Jorleif return to the guard at the scene of the crime. She will ask you to talk to Helgrid, in the Hall of the Dead, and she will suggest following a trail of blood. The trail leads to a locked and unoccupied house, Hjerim. The previous owner was the first victim of the serial killer. If you ask the guard for access she will point you to the previous owner’s mother, Tova Shatter-Shield. After talking to Tova, you can get a key to the house.

The most important clues are a Strange Amulet on a shelf (under the pamphlets), and a set of “Butcher” Journals. One of the journals is in a secret room behind a cupboard, and another is in a chest. There are also lots of ‘Beware the Butcher!’ pamphlets scattered around. Be sure to take one, or Viola Giordano will not speak to you. You can take the Strange Amulet to Calixto Corrium, who will offer to purchase it. It is not advisable to sell the amulet at this time (see bugs).

If you speak to Viola (she leaves her house at around 8am), you can ask her about the court mage and reveal evidence. She will mention his past and suggest talking to Jorleif. Talking to Jorleif will end the quest with Wuunferth the Unliving’s arrest. The quest will resume after a few days when talking to the guard at another murder scene, and you will have to talk to Wuunferth in the bloodworks of the Palace of the Kings Barracks.

Alternatively, confront Wuunferth himself in the Palace of the Kings upstairs. He will deny any involvement with necromancy, but predict the next attack will occur on the streets of Stone Quarter the next night.

Go to the Stone Quarter at night (specifically, the area outside the Blacksmith Quarters and The White Phial) and you will catch Calixto about to murder a woman. You can interrupt Calixto by attacking or casting a Calm spell on him, at which point he will flee to Hjerim before attacking you. Once Calixto is dead, talk to Jorleif to complete the quest.