The art of blocking an enemy’s blows with a shield or weapon. Blocking reduces the damage and staggering from physical attacks.

Block allows you to reduce damage from melee and ranged combat, using a shield or weapons. As perks are gained, block allows you to do damage with your shield, or disarm your opponent.


  • Shield Wall (1/5): Blocking is 20% more effective.
  • Shield Wall (2/5): Blocking is 25% more effective.
  • Shield Wall (3/5): Blocking is 30% more effective.
  • Shield Wall (4/5): Blocking is 35% more effective.
  • Shield Wall (5/5): Blocking is 40% more effective.
  • Deflect Arrows: Arrows that hit the shield do no damage.
  • Elemental Protection: Blocking with a shield reduces incoming fire, frost, and shock damage by 50%.
  • Block Runner: Able to move faster with a shield raised.
  • Power Bash: Able to do a power bash.
  • Deadly Bash: Bashing does five times more damage.
  • Disarming Bash: Chance to disarm when power bashing.
  • Shield Charge: Sprinting with a shield raised knocks down most targets.
  • Quick Reflexes: Time slows down if you are blocking during an enemy’s power attack.


  • Njada Stonearm of the Companions in Whiterun (Expert)
  • Chief Larak in Mor Khazgur (Master)

Skill Books

  • A Dance in Fire, v2
  • Battle of Red Mountain
  • Death Blow of Abernanit
  • The Mirror
  • Warrior