Bloated Man’s Grotto

Bloated Man’s Grotto┬áis a natural sanctuary of Sinding the Werewolf.

After embarking on the Ill Met by Moonlight quest by meeting Sinding in the Falkreath Jail and offering to rid him of his cursed ring, he instructs you to slay the “Great Beast” in the forest surrounding Falkreath in order to appease Hircine the Daedric Prince. When the “Great Beast” has been slain, Hircine sends you to Bloated Man’s Grotto to seek out Sinding and skin the transformative beast. The werewolf, as well as a few other adventurers, are found in the grotto and pending the death and consequent skinning of Sinding, Hircine arrives to lift the curse and provide you with Savior’s Hide, a reward for ridding Skyrim of the murderous werewolf.