The Bannered Mare

skyrim bannered mareThe Bannered Mare is an inn located in Whiterun’s market area.

Hulda tends the bar, offering food, drink, or a room for 10 gold. She also buys firewood for 5 gold each – there is a wood chopping block outside. Asking her about rumors or work may result in a miscellaneous objective, such as killing a bandit leader in a nearby camp.

Saadia can usually be found in the kitchen or roaming around sweeping. She also sells food and drink.

Sinmir likes to complain about the lack of security in the city while gulping down ales by the fire.

Mikael is the bard singing by the fire. He hails from the bard’s college in Solitude, and encourages the player to visit. Talking with him reveals that he is quite the ladies’ man, and currently wants Carlotta Valentia as his next conquest.

Uthgerd the Unbroken sits at the table in the back by herself. She can be convinced to join as a follower.

Mallus Maccius can be found in the inn as well.