skyrim babetteBabette is a female Breton assassin and a member of the Dark Brotherhood. She resides in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary.

While she looks like a ten year old girl, Babette is in fact a vampire and is over three hundred years old. She was bitten as a child and as a result, retained her childlike appearance. She uses this to her advantage in her contracts; her targets do not perceive her as a threat, and she often plays the part of a scared, lost little girl to gain their trust. When the player first enters the Sanctuary, the rest of the Brotherhood members are being entertained by Babette, who is telling them the story of her latest contract, pretending to be a lost child to lure her target into a dark alleyway before revealing her identity as a vampire. She often comments on her young appearance, saying things like “It’s been such a boon, looking like a child. No one ever suspects a thing.”

Babette is a Master level trainer in Alchemy, and can sell the player many potions, ingredients, and recipes. Like the other Brotherhood members, offers her opinions on the player’s contracts.

Though she is an adult according to her dialogue, the game still categorizes her as a child NPC; thus, she can not be harmed by the player. Babette won’t be in the sanctuary if the player chooses to destroy the Dark Brotherhood during the first meeting with Astrid.

She also cannot be pickpocketed, so the pay-for-training-now-steal-it-back-later method of free training will not work with her.

Babette is one of the few NPCs that sells Daedra Hearts as a regular product, more often then not, when you enter, she will have one or two in her inventory.