Arcane Enchanter

An Arcane Enchanters is a workbench where Enchanting can be done. New enchanted items can be created, or existing items can be broken down, allowing you to learn any new magical effects used in the item’s enchantment.


  • Anise’s Cabin, in cellar.
  • Ansilvund Excavation
  • South Brittleshin Pass or North Brittleshin Pass, watch out for the necromancer.
  • Broken Fang Cave
  • College of Winterhold, arch-mage’s quarters in the Hall of Elements.
  • College of Winterhold, second floor of the Hall of Countenance.
  • Cragwallow Slope, at the end of the cave.
  • Cronvangr Cave, behind the wooden cabin through a secret door near the entrance.
  • Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
  • Darklight Tower, sixth level
  • Dead Men’s Respite
  • Drelas’ Cottage, south of Morthal
  • Dustman’s Cairn, second chamber
  • Fellglow Keep Dungeon
  • Fort Amol
  • Fort Snowhawk
  • Geirmund’s Hall
  • Glenmoril Coven
  • Haemar’s Shame, just before the shrine to Clavicus Vile.
  • Ilinalta’s Deep, first level
  • Labyrinthian
  • Markarth, in Understone Keep, left from the entrance.
  • Markarth, in Vlindrel Hall (must be purchased)
  • Morvunskar, in a northern room passed the spiked wall trap.
  • Orphan Rock, in the Hagraven’s coven.
  • Riften, Honeyside (must be purchased)
  • Riften, in Mistveil Keep
  • Riverwood, the secret room at the inn/tavern after The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller.
  • Serpent’s Bluff Redoubt
  • Solitude, Proudspire Manor (must be purchased)
  • Southfringe Sanctum
  • Stony Creek Cave
  • Ustengrav, at Ustengrav Depths during The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller.
  • Whiterun, in Dragonsreach, Farengar Secret-Fire’s area.
  • Windhelm, far southwest corner near the merchant stalls and smithing/crafting area.

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