Anise’s Cabin

skyrim anise cabinAnise’s Cabin is a small, open cabin near where the White River meets Lake Ilinalta.

This cabin may be the first inhabited location one encounters upon escaping from Helgen, though the sole occupant is an elderly woman named Anise. The surrounding wilderness often contains friendly hunters or hostile bandits. The latter may engage her in combat, in which case she will use flame spells and may summon a familiar. There are lots of harvestable mountain flowers around her cabin and a small vegetable garden next to the entrance.

There are a surprising amount of alchemy ingredients laying around her cabin and a copy of Song of the Alchemists on the table at the foot of her bed. The real point of interest though is a hay-covered trap door in the corner of the room that leads to a secret cellar. Entering it will cause Anise to become hostile due to the secrets held within. Turns out Anise is a witch and a note reveals that she intends on starting a coven with her sister and someone named Helgi. There is an Arcane Enchanter and an Alchemy Lab in the basement as well more potions and ingredients. When you leave the cellar, you’ll find Anise outside waiting to attack as she screams “Fool! None may know my secret!”