Anise’s Cabin

750px Anise cabin 300x240 Anises CabinAnise’s Cabin is a small, open cabin near where the White River meets Lake Ilinalta.

This cabin may be the first inhab­ited loca­tion one encoun­ters upon escap­ing from Hel­gen, though the sole occu­pant is an elderly woman named Anise. The sur­round­ing wilder­ness often con­tains friendly hunters or hos­tile ban­dits. The lat­ter may engage her in com­bat, in which case she will use flame spells and may sum­mon a famil­iar. There are lots of har­vestable moun­tain flow­ers around her cabin and a small veg­etable gar­den next to the entrance.

There are a sur­pris­ing amount of alchemy ingre­di­ents lay­ing around her cabin and a copy of Song of the Alchemists on the table at the foot of her bed. The real point of inter­est though is a hay-covered trap door in the cor­ner of the room that leads to a secret cel­lar. Enter­ing it will cause Anise to become hos­tile due to the secrets held within. Turns out Anise is a witch and a note reveals that she intends on start­ing a coven with her sis­ter and some­one named Helgi. There is an Arcane Enchanter and an Alchemy Lab in the base­ment as well more potions and ingre­di­ents. When you leave the cel­lar, you’ll find Anise out­side wait­ing to attack as she screams “Fool! None may know my secret!”

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