Angeline Morrard

skyrim angeline morrardAngeline Morrard is an alchemist in Solitude and the proprietor of Angeline’s Aromatics. She used to sell perfumes for use in homes before the war, hence the store’s name. Now, she caters to adventurers.

If the player asks Angeline for alchemy training, she will decline, saying she’s just a simple herbalist, and refers the player to Lami in Morthal.

She will ask the player if they have been to Whiterun. If yes, Angeline will ask for news about her daughter. If the player says they do not have news but is willing to bring some back to her, Angeline will mention that her daughter was stationed in Whiterun after joining the Imperial Army. She asks you to talk to Captain Aldis for information about her daughter as part of the radiant quest No News is Good News.