Alduin’s Wall


  • Escort Esbern to Riverwood
  • Talk to Esbern
  • Gain entrance to Sky Haven Temple
  • Learn the secret of Alduin’s Wall

After you and Esbern arrive in Riverwood, go to the Sleeping Giant Inn and meet with Delphine. She and Esbern will determine that you must go to Alduin’s Wall, which is located in Sky Haven Temple. You can either travel with Delphine and Esbern, or meet them there.

Once you arrive at Karthspire, you will have to get past a sprawling Forsworn camp and a Dragon. Kill them all and enter Karthspire.

Once inside Karthspire, deal with the few Forsworn inhabitants and keep going until you come across the first puzzle – three pillars that activate the bridge on your left. Esbern will tell you what each of the symbols on the pillars mean. Just align them so that they all show the “Dragonborn” symbol.

The next puzzle is a room of pressure plates. Again, the Dragonborn symbol is the key and as long as you walk only on those plates you’ll be fine. When you get to the other side pull the chain so Delphine and Esbern can get across. Don’t forget to tell any followers to “Stay there” or they will activate the pressure plates.

In the final area before the temple itself, there will be a circular platform in front of a stone face. Activate it to open the face and continue through to Sky Haven Temple. Talk to Esbern afterwards, and he will tell you that the only way to you may be able to defeat Alduin is with the ‘Dragonrend’ shout. He then tells you that you should go back to High Hrothgar and inquire about how you might learn the shout.