Alduin’s Bane

In Brief

  • Read the Elder Scroll at the Throat of the World
  • Learn how to use the ‘Dragonrend’ shout
  • Defeat Alduin


Upon arriving back at the Throat of the World, Paarthurnax will tell you he sees something different in you, that you must have the Elder scroll now. He’ll then tell you to go to the time warp and read The Elder Scroll. (At this point, there is a glitch here affecting PC users. When you are teleported to the past, Alduin just won’t show up. A workaround this is to attempt reading the Elder Scroll a few times prior to reading it at the time warp area. This bug might be connected to your camera view or/and your standing position when opening the scroll.)

Upon viewing the Elder Scroll, you will see a vision of the past, where the prior heroes who defeated Alduin standing, ready for Alduin to attack. When he does, they will use the Dragonrend shout, teaching the shout to you in the process. Watch them fight Alduin in their time.

Directly after the cutscene, when you arrive back in the present, Alduin will appear at the Throat of the World. Paarthurnax and Alduin will take flight, attacking each other in the air. When the chance is there, use Dragonrend on Alduin, forcing him to the ground.

When Alduin is grounded, you must attack him as much as you can before he takes flight again (Marked for Death is pretty helpful). This may takes a few tries, since he has a huge health pool and does reasonable damage. Also, using Dragonrend immediately when it recharges will keep Alduin grounded for the whole fight. When Alduin’s health drops to zero, he tells you he underestimated you, but no one can defeat him, not even Dovahkiin. He will then leave the area, completing the quest.

(Optional) After defeating Alduin, the Elder Scroll remains in your inventory as a quest item. You have the option of taking and donating it to the College of Winterhold by speaking to the book keeper, Urag gro-Shub. He will gladly take the 20 weight valued item off of your hands and reward you with praise as well as gold.