A False Front (Imperial)

In Brief

  1. Speak to Legate Rikke at Pale Legion camp.
  2. Find a Stormcloak courier and take his documents.
  3. Take the documents back to Legate Rikke.
  4. Take the modified documents to Frorkmar Banner-Torn in Dawnstar.
  5. Return to Legate Rikke.


After arriving at the Pale Legion camp, talk to Legate Rikke over by the map in the large tent. She will order you to find a Stormcloak courier and take his documents on Imperial troop movements. She will direct you to the Nightgate Inn (southeast of Dawnstar, west of Windhelm) and the tavern in Windhelm as these are common courier stopping points and advises that you solicit the aid of one of the innkeepers.

Head to one of these inns. The Nightgate Inn is usually better since there are fewer people and no guards to witness your interactions with the courier. Once there, you can either opt to wait it out and the courier will eventually come or you may talk to the innkeeper. If you ask about the courier you will get the options of persuading, intimidating, or bribing the innkeeper into divulging the location of the courier. Your quest marker will the show you where he is. Once you meet him you can kill him and take the orders or just pickpocket them.

After taking the documents, return to Legate Rikke. She will alter them, then give them back to you and tell you to take them to the Stormcloak Commander in Dawnstar. Make the trip to Dawnstar and deliver the documents to Frorkmar Banner-Torn, who is often found in The White Hall looking at the map or sleeping upstairs in the barracks. He will tip you five gold for delivering the message despite the danger of imperail spies. If you linger, you may hear some interesting discussion between Frorkmar and his cronies.

After you have handed over the documents, return to Legate Rikke to complete the quest.