A Chance Arrangement

In Brief

  • Talk to Brynjolf
  • Steal Madesi’s Silver Ring
  • Plant Madesi’s Silver Ring (Alternative: Drop Madesi’s Ring and speak to Brynjolf)
  • Speak to Brynjolf


When nearing a vendor named Brynjolf at the bazaar (day) or in the The Bee and Barb (night) in Riften, he will seek you out and start a conversation. He will imply that you do not make your coin by honest means, and makes you a proposition: to frame a fellow vendor by planting a stolen ring on his person. Apparently the vendor, Brand-Shei, has been sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong, and needs to be shut down permanently.

If you accept his offer, he lays out the plan. He will create a distraction in the Bazaar, and while no one is looking you are to steal a ring from another vendor whose name is Madesi. Madesi keeps the ring in a strongbox inside the cabinet under the counter of his stall – both are locked and will need to be picked. (If you happen to be out of lockpicks, the fastest way to obtain two is pickpocketing Sapphira. She’s usually in the Bee and Barb nearby).

Once the ring has been stolen you will need to use pickpocket to place the ring in Brand-Shei’s inventory. If you wish to spare Brand-Shei, you can drop the ring at this point and tell Brynjolf you lost it. He will make a few comments, and then proceed to give you the next quest. If you wish to go ahead with the plan, Brand-Shei should be sitting next to his stall. You can avoid being seen sneaking up behind him by walking into the space between two sets of crates stacked behind his stall. Use sneak when you can see Brand-Shei in the space between the crates; when the sneak eye is closed, pickpocket and him place the ring in his inventory.

This quest can be completed without stealing and pickpocketing. Simply wait while Brynjolf distracts the crowd. When he is done, he will confront you and say you still have what it takes, even though you didn’t succeed. If you do attempt the theft and are caught by a wandering guard you will be arrested (look out over the wall before attempting – if your sneak eye is closed you won’t be caught). You can bribe the guard to let you go, but you will lose all stolen items. Brynjolf will say he didn’t expect that to happen, but that you still look to have what it takes.

After this is done, speak to Brynjolf to receive a reward of 100 septims and a chance to join the Thieves Guild.